Katarzyna Celek

"A masterpiece is a kind of closed space with constant temperature. 
They allow the most diverse interpretation."
My paintings are inspired by the creative and destructive power of nature. 
In the face of nature people are vulnerable, it has the final word.
Behind atmospheric phenomena (such as rain, snow) is the internal creative force 
- the soul of nature which is more important than the outside one. 
This force I would like to include in my paintings.
It is important for me to get closer to these phenomena and bring their forces
into the support's frames. Atmospheric phenomena emanate evanescence.
I feel similar aura when associating with the image. 
In both cases we experience the mystery and elusiveness.
Between the painting (phenomenon) and us there is a bond which lets us
observe and see more than just falling water or painted canvas.
The painting which is an expression of something material turns into something intangible.
For this reason, I would describe the image and phenomenon as imponderable,
owing their existence to ponderables.
The same picture creates the possibility of feeling different sensations, invites to the game.
In case of accepting the invitation, it starts the game, plays with what we love and hate.
What is inside its intangible body, comes partially from us. Selected images permanently stay
with us and ‘circulate inside us’. A part of what we have seen earlier, consciously or not,
gets stuck in our mind. We use this gallery not only when looking at the painting, we also use it
when working on the picture. While circulating, we keep joining the new cycle.
Thanks to the ability to interpret we could get the illusion of control, however, it seems to me that
the picture-audience relation is not intended to determine the winner.